While in Ohio for the Cleveland International Film Festival I teamed up with Nick Bruce to shoot a fun little edit. Here is what we came up with!

I recently produced an Allergy commercial for the company AllergEase! This spot was directed by my partner Elliot Feld and shot by DP Brooks Ludwick.

Check out this fun 30 second version of the YMCA Commercial!

While calling around and talking with storyboard artists for a project today, I got the idea to dig up some of my old sketch books and see if I drew any storyboards of my own. Apparently I drew very little, but I did write a lot of one page short stories. Here is the first one titled 3 Men in a Car. I think the idea was to write without stopping and fill the page as fast as I could.

The Future is Here!

Well 2013 came and went like a piece of lighting sliding across a pizza slice as the saying goes, and 2014 is already off to a quick start. I recently completed a video for the Ventura YMCA which was produced by PHP, and we are currently in the running for a few more commercial jobs, and a possible third feature.

My second film, Oliver, Stoned. is picture locked and we are just getting into some of the best parts of post-production. In the next two months we will be starting color correction, VFX, sound design, and the final music/scoring for the film. 

For the score we will be working with Jesse Pruett, who created all the music on General Education with T.J. Hill, and Greg Camp, who used to play guitar and write songs for the band Smash Mouth. The duo has already created a few temp tracks for the movie, and I am really excited to see what they come up with for the finished film! Hopefully PHP can make it back into the studio to help on some of the tracks like we did for GE!

Here is an image of my good friend Nick Bruce.

Pelican House Productions was recently hired to shoot a video for the Ventura YMCA. Here is a fun lil’ link to the video produced by Jaz Kalkat, and directed by me.

Oliver, Stoned. Day - Twelve Behind the Scenes

General Education was recently released in Russia! Here is a fun trailer dubbed in Russian… Sorta?

Oliver, Stoned. Day - Five Behind the Scenes

Oliver, Stoned. Day - Four Behind the Scenes